Virility EX – Restoring My ‘Pride’? My Review.

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** 5th Feb 17 **  Still works! – Discovered how to get ‘Free Shipping‘ +  ‘Buy One Get One Free’ !! A bit gutted as I’ve only just discovered this & have been buying this for ages.

1 –  Click on the link I call my – Virility Ex ‘Best Offer’ Link
2 – When it goes to the order page – CLOSE it down – A Free Shipping Coupon Appears – Apply It
3. When it goes back to the order page – CLOSE it down AGAIN – then the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ coupon appears – Apply it !!

NOTE – On a Phone/Mobile or Tablet you REFRESH the page (i.e. swipe downwards) instead of CLOSE it & it does the same!!

I have recorded a quick video to show you exactly how to get the deal (when available):


Virility Ex

Direct Link to – Official Virility Ex Website


A recent survey of men showed that a full 95% of them were not happy with the size of their penis (that does seem like a lot to me!….but made me feel a bit better if I am honest)

This is probably not a big surprise (no pun intended!)

Most of us try & live up to some pretty high expectations, such as the guys we have seen in ‘special movies’…but let’s face it, there is a reason why those men are in that line of work…..& it’s not for their brains!

But the truth is that a lot of guys think we are not that well-endowed and whether it matters to women or not, it is something that us men still think about.

So a lot of  men will investigate various avenues in order to ‘gain that edge’ & put our minds to rest. This article looks at one such man (AKA – Me) as I looked at one such product available on the market – VirilityEx.


What Is Virility EX?

Virility Ex ReviewsThis is what is known as a “Male Enhancement” product.

Could it work for me? This was what I intended to find out..

Virility Ex advantage is that it is actually more than just a penis enlargement supplement. It claims to do much more & also enhances your sexual experience, as well as that of your partner.

Virility Ex helps you to get more size, both in the short term and the long term, as well as more enhanced erections and libido.

The product is available online & the Co ship to pretty much most countries on the planet (click a link to take you to their website & check the drop down box for your location before you buy virilityex).


What Are The Costs?

Well, it is one of those annoying websites that want your details first – before they give you the prices (why do they do this!?).

Having experienced this when I ordered, I took a note of all the costs & options so I could update them here: (Update – 22nd April 2016: I initially went for the 3 Month supply to try it out & given the results so far, have just re-ordered a 6 month supply).

1 Month’s Supply (1 Bottle) – $39.95  

3 Month’s Supply (2 Bottles + 1 Free) – $79.95          – 34% Saving

6 Month’s Supply (4 Bottles + 2 Free) – $119.95        – 50% Saving

All these prices are available direct from the Virility EX Official Website


How Does It Work?

Virility Ex contains a blend of natural ingredients that have all been proven to assist with male enhancement and sexual experience overall.

This includes vitamins, herbal extracts, and amino acids, all of which can help to relax the individual blood vessels within the penis, allowing more natural blood flow. When you have more blood flow, you get a bigger, harder erection, and you will generally have more control over it, too.

With continued use, Virility EX claims to increase the overall size of your penis and can also be used to straighten out an otherwise curved penis (the bi-product I assume of being harder).

This is a simple nutritional supplement that you take on a daily basis and there are no strange contraptions or devices for you to use.

This all happens naturally (Phew!).

Obviously, when you are taking any natural supplement, you should usually talk to your doctor first to ensure that you are healthy enough to do so and that the natural ingredients in Virility EX are safe for you take (lol…I don’t think I would be wrong in thinking that almost nobody ever does this!! especially for this sort of product!….the company obviously have to cover themselves).


What Are People Saying About Virility EX?

An interesting fact about this product is that even though this is the kind of thing that most men don’t want to talk about, there are still quite a few very positive reviews for this online.

Male Enhancement


 “I have been looking for a good male enhancement product for a long time and after trying your Virility EX, I feel so much more confident now when I’m with women.”

–          Robert

 “I have tried about five different male enhancement products and programs and never got any results. Then I decided to try yours (Virility Ex) and after only one month, I already started noticing a difference.”

–          Keith

 Another thing that you will see in many of the reviews is that there are no side effects with this product. Obviously, with prescription male enhancement products, there is often a wide variety of very serious side effects, but not with Virility EX.

 “This is the only product of its kind that I would trust. I know that the ingredients are legitimate and I would have to say that I have seen some pretty incredible results with Virility Ex”

–          Peter

“I have noticed a difference I don’t mind saying & am not about to stop using it…when I decided to buy Virilityex I went for a 3Mo supply & will judge the results when that is finished” (Updated22nd April 2016 – I am feeling better about myself,  the pills I feel are making a difference…I have also lost a bit of weight which has helped on a few levels – confidence & ‘size’ so I’m not about to stop taking them & have ordered more).

–        Me


Where Is Virility Ex Available From?

 Well not surprisingly (& as most people will be thankful for), it is available ONLINE! (Phew!) So a discrete package sent via the Mail. So what do you get? The ‘Deal’ that is available is as follows:

 Free Bottle with some ‘Packages’ (3 & 6 Month Supplies – See above about pricing)

2 Free ‘E-Books’ – “Secrets Of Total Satisfaction” & “Art of Dating”

Free Membership to their ‘Online Penis Enlargement’ Program (Really!!!?? – I wonder how many people sign up?)



happy couple in bedAre you are one of those men who does not feel that positive about your manhood & the knock on effect on your confidence? –  then maybe it is time to take action & give something like this a try.

I was in that position & I did. In the short time I have been trying it, it seems to have made a difference (See update – 22nd April 2016 & 5th Feb 2017 for ‘Best Deal’)….it maybe that I have taken action to try & help myself (positive mental attitude) – I don’t know for sure….but I don’t really care, as the outcome has been positive. Virility Ex reviews

It is one of those products that us men don’t ever really want to have to use (I know I didn’t)…but sometimes we just have to get on with it!, ‘bite the bullet’ & give it a try……I have heard this phrase a lot over the years –  “Take Action!” Well, I did & am glad.

So if you’re in the same boat, I urge you just to do something about it – it’s that 1st positive step that can make a massive difference. Thanks for reading

Link to – Official Virility EX Website



*Update – 5th Feb 17* – See beginning of review
to get Free Shipping + Buy One Get One Free !!!


* Updated – 22nd Nov 2016 * – Also, like I updated in the review above, I have lost a bit of weight & that has helped…..yes, I took the plunge & tried a weight loss supplement….lol, well all these women can’t be wrong!! I went for the most ‘obscure’ supplement I could find, here is the link – Garcinia Cambogia.…nothing girly about that & had actually heard of it!

– Go to this link –

HAIR LOSS !?!?!? – As time goes by I am just trying to add resources that will help people, in most cases, things that I have used in the past. On similar lines – Hair Loss,  Provillus  it is something that a friend of mine has been going on about for a while….I have no idea, I am one of the lucky ones with a full head of hair!!

He was talking about a discount he has found  – up to 46%  Off I thought it was a coupon or a discount code that I could post here – but it turns out that the Co have a very generous scheme the more you buy – a 6 months supply at $159.99 should in theory cost about $300! – Blimey….I am very glad that (touch wood) my DNA doesn’t seem to contain hair loss. Anyway, he wanted me to post something & get a mention – So here it is Nathan – happy now!?

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